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HalloweenCon 2011

Sunday Oct. 30th 2011

11a Doors Open to Ticket Holders
12p Advertising and Networking in the Paranormal Field by CPRS
1p The Client not the Paranormal by Cornerstone Paranormal
2p The Ghost Box by Jenny Stewart
3p Truths About False Positives by Lee & Jennifer Kirkland
4p Audioscopic and EVP Research by Michael Esposito and Hiedi Harman
5p REALITY: Personal Effects of a Dangerous Haunting by Chris Dedman
6p Dinner
7:30p Showing of Animal Planets, The Haunted: Ghost Box Prophecies with PRRS
9p Investigation of Cardome
12a Sound Experiment with Michael Esposito in Chapel

Monday Oct. 31st 2011

11a Doors Open to Ticket Holders
12p Evidence Review from night before investigation
1p Workshop: Client Interview
2p Workshop: Technology and Equipment use
3p Workshop: Understanding EVP’s
4p Workshop: Ghost Box Know How
5p Showing of “I am Six” with Chris Dedman
6p Dinner
7:30p Costume Ball
8:30p Impossible Magic Staring Reed and Ashton Nicole
9:30p Investigation of Cardome